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The header is the area at the top of your WordPress pages which includes your site title and tagline, possibly a logo, and one or more navigation menus. A header may also include a topbar – a thin row at the very top of your site – which most commonly features contact information and/or a social media icon menu. The header usually appears on every page of your site. Content options for the header are controlled by your theme.

Many newer themes may locate the site title to the left and the navigation menu to the right on the same horizontal line within the header area. This restricts the font size that is workable for the site title, and does not work well if you have a long site name, or many menu items.

Headers often include an image, the height of the which may vary, in some cases filling the entire screen (this is called a “hero image,” and usually has some text and a “Call to Action” button to read more, subscribe, book, etc). Very large header images may appear only on the home page, with a cropped version of the same image or different images appearing on other pages. Each theme defines its own optimal header image size, which has been calculated to work best with other theme elements on various devices. Most themes support the option to crop header images during the upload process, but results are often better if the image is edited to the recommended size before uploading it.

Headers may also include widget areas, which are typically used for advertisements, additional menus, or engagement tools such as subscribe buttons.

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