Your website design received many accolades from our Board!

After our webhost deleted our website, Morgan built a new site for us from the ground up. Morgan is very familiar with nonprofit websites and offered many suggestions that enhanced the site. I was particularly impressed by the way Morgan designed the website to be donor friendly and donor oriented. It was much better than the previous descriptive data approach. She also helped us edit our content to make it more SEO-friendly.


Dick Rudloff

She was so perfect to work with, I don’t want to stop.

I never thought I’d say this about working with a person on the tech side of my computer, but working with Morgan was–and continues to be–a pleasure.  She is intelligent, upbeat, clear, personable, prompt, and inventive, along with any other positive descriptor you can think of.  She was so perfect to work with, I don’t want to stop.

Jane Anne coaches writers, especially those struggling with writer’s block.


A photo of Jane Anne Staw
Jane Anne Staw, Ph.D., author of Small: The Little We Need for Happiness

Returning to Morgan was the right call!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Morgan to help add customized functionalities to my website. Her expertise and knowledge was invaluable in meeting my website goals. She answered my many questions, and reined me in when my DIY enthusiasm exceeded my knowledge.

Morgan listened intently to my requests, asking informed and thought-provoking questions to refine her (and my!) understanding of exactly what I was trying to accomplish. With her deeper knowledge of the WordPress platform, she explained implications of my initial ideas that hadn’t occurred to me, and provided alternate solutions when needed.

Overall, working with Morgan was a great experience. She provided me with timely and engaged support for my initial website buildout, as well as for the current project, when I added new content for a special project. I am so pleased with the results and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with building and/or customizing their website.


Vic Froelicher, M.D.
Victor Froelicher, M.D.

She is a rare gem in the tech sector and I am glad I have her at my side.

If you’re a woman with a small, niche business like I am, Morgan is a fantastic web tutor to work with! My operation is a labor of love and I need my website to reflect the integration of personal values with the services I am offering others. I feel like she really gets me. With Morgan’s guidance — always encouraging, always professional, always fun — my pages have developed just the way I want them.


Victoria Kelly of CoreCat Pilates
Victoria Kelly

Working with Morgan was incredibly empowering…

Before I contacted Morgan, I had stopped blogging because I was so frustrated with the way my blog looked, and I avoided passing out my business card because I was embarrassed for anyone to see my bare-bones, obviously “do-it-yourself” website. After only a few sessions with Morgan I was so happy with the new look of my blog that I was blogging every week, and my website was completely transformed – I could hand out my business card with confidence knowing my website looked professional and accurately represented me.

Morgan is unbelievably patient, knows how to clearly explain each step of the process, and has excellent suggestions for helping even the most technology-challenged among us to create our own blogs and websites using WordPress.

Working with Morgan was incredibly empowering. I not only learned how to navigate my way around my blog and website, but I also experienced a growing sense of confidence in following my new career path. Morgan went above and beyond every step of the way in helping me create a blog and website I could be proud of. If you need any level of support with WordPress, contact Morgan. You’ll be amazed how much easier it all is with her help and expertise.

  • Reading Connection (Lise’s business website) before and now.
  • Why Should I Read It? (Lise’s children’s book review blog) before and now.

Lise tutors children with reading challenges.


Photograph of client Lise Narath
Lise Narath