New Site About WordPress Themes

Theme choice is one of the most bedeviling challenges of WordPress. It’s such a big topic, it deserves a site of its own. The new site,, features posts on all topics theme-related – what to look for – and avoid – when choosing a theme, paid themes, custom themes, and more.

The home page of with the Lontano theme

But the best part of BeautifulThemer is theme reviews with a difference! The theme used on Beautiful Themer will actually be switched each month, so review will be based on actual experience of setting up and customizing it on an active site. You can read about the features and challenges of the selected theme, ways to utilize or work around them, and see for yourself how it turns out.

All themes reviewed on BeautifulThemer are free themes from the repository at Themes are selected at the whim of the reviewer, and no affiliate links, kickbacks, or any other kind of inducement or compensation are accepted. Both criticism and praise are uncensored. Themes are evaluated from the perspective of an end user with a spirit of adventure, but little or no coding experience, and recommended (or not) according to their suitability for specific uses.

The theme for February is Lontano, a stylish freemium theme, so come and check it out. Don’t know what “freemium” means? Don’t worry, it’s in the post. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe, so you can check out future transformations. Maybe the next theme will be just right for you.

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